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Dynamite Come in Small Packages!

We may all agree that some of the smallest things can affect many things in a large way. A case in point is the evolution of MoonDawn Media – a young PR consultancy firm that came onto the scene almost eight years ago – which has since established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the South African public relations space.

MoonDawn Media’s journey started in June 2015 when Founder & PR Director Bridgette Macheke, with merely three years of PR experience at the time, defied the test of starting a new business to develop a vision that, three years later, would set the business apart in such a seemingly overtraded and cutthroat PR consultancy environment in South Africa.

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MoonDawn Media successes are a result of some innovative interventions that embodies where the public relations industry is going.

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Content Marketing Specialists

One of the key interventions to increase media coverage and visibility for our clients is the migration from the conventional press release approach to a tailored content marketing strategy.

Great Storytelling

MoonDawn Media believes every PR campaign starts with a story and is based off content. The content you provide your audience has to have value, it has to be promoted and it has to be properly structured for SEO purposes.

Return On Investment

The return on investment for content marketing can be phenomenal if implemented correctly. Almost 100% of the success we have experienced with content marketing can be traced to a handful of tailored articles we have written, together with our clients. This, we believe, is the future of PR.

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